Sex Tape

Sextape explores the possibilities of a new aesthetics of pornography in a digital era. In this work, the composition of intricate bodies, shapes, textures, colors and sounds takes over intercourse in itself. Pleasure becomes pure visual and sound.
Sextape gives rise to ambiguity, too explicit to be erotic but not enough to reach pornography.

Visuals : GRAPHSET –
Sound design : GIGANTA –

Arbol Sex Mex

Video: Arturo Gil
Audio: Monoploid (Luis Ramirez, Jose Luis Vazquéz), Wakal (Jorge Govea)

Animated short comissioned by WOW-INTERNACIONAL Magazine from México D.F. It attempts to map out some of the archetypes that mold the sexual behaviour of the average inhabitant in this strange land. Its structure and style is based in the arboles de la vida, “trees of life”, pieces of popular art sold in souvenir shops around the country. hence the title, Arbol_Sex_Mex.